About Us

20 years of experience

... Our work always starts with the individual ...

Founded in 1996, Pro Medicare began as a distributer of medical devices for people with disabilities. In 1998, applying knowledge and expertise gained from experience, it took steps to further expand upon its original mission. By 2000, the company had established itself under its current name and its current directive: namely the study of 360° posture, with its own design and production of corrective and cutomised positioning systems.

Pro Medicare concentrated its efforts on the most complex of cases where a solution had yet to be found, earning the reputation as a global pioneer in this field.

Through persistent, ongoing research and constant collaboration with its users, clinicians and care givers; the company works tirelessly to ensure that no matter the severity of the case, the result is always the same: optimum posture and products synonymous with comfort and well-being.

After 20 years of manufacturing, the entire Pro Medicare team is still driven by a desire to enrich lives, a passion for cutting-edge technology and the quest to find tomorrow's posture solutions. This enables them to create ground-breaking and high performing positioning systems of unrivalled quality. All made with pride in Italy.

As a result of this total dedication, the company continues to provide real answers to the most complex cases. Without the support of our clients and staff, this would not be possible