Adacta Liga

The frame Adacta Liga available in rigid or folding configuration is the result of an accurate study and a careful production.  It is totally modular and free of welds. It follows the changing needs of the patient for a very long period. Available in different sizes and colors it features a lot of customising optional. Adacta Liga, made of a high strength aluminum, has been subjected to a brilliant anodic oxidation process . It is expression of the highest standards of quality and of security. .



Rigid or Folding

  • Supporting Frame Adacta Liga rigid or folding
  • Continuous tilt in space from 0° up to 30° and on request -5° (by gas spring)
  • Mechanical reclining (3°-9°-15°-22°)
  • Folding down push handles
  • Displacement of the upper frame with respect to the under frame
  • Continuous displacement of the rear wheels plates
  • Anti tip tubes
  • Adjustable floor-to-seat-rails height (from 41 cm up to 49 cm.)
  • Castors available:
    - 125mm poly
    - 150mm poly or pneumatic
    - 175mm poly
  • Quick release Rear Wheels available:
    - 300mm poly or pneumatic
    - 500mm poly or pneumatic with handrims
    - 600mm pneumatic with handrims
  • Locks:
    - With drum brakes
    - With handle
    - With drum brakes + handle
  • Knee Angle
    - 90° o 75°
    - Elevating with teethed mechanism
    - Adduction/abduction adjustments
    - Vertical and telescopic height adjustable
  • Footplate:
    - Separate footplates
    - Separate footplates with intra-extra rotation slots
    - Separate footplates with multi-axial mechanism
    - Separate footplates with multi-axial mechanism
  • Push Handles
    - Telescopic and rotating
  • Transportation kit
  • Rigid wooden base
  • Height adjustable flip back armrest
  • Kit spondina detachable and multi-adjustable with multi-adjustable armrests
  • Versa hip guides
  • Versa arm supports
  • Separate Calf support
  • Calf panel
  • Leg cradle
  • Fissatore mesopiede imbottito con fissaggio a velcro
  • Padded calf strap
  • Positioning ankle support
  • Versa Fixatis pelvic strap
  • Versa Fixatis abduction harness
  • Trays

  • The range of accessories enables to configure the system according to the user's needs.



Description Sizes
Width (cm) min. 30 - max. 47
Depth  (cm)  min. 38 - max.50
Height (distance from the seat rails-floor in mm.) min. 410 - max. 490
Folding frame weight (kgs) min. 12.2 max. 15
Rigid Frame weight (kgs) min. 11.6 max. 14.5
Max. Load folding frame size XL (kgs)  75
Mx. Load rigid frame XL (kgs)   100


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