Adacta Liga Light

Adacta Liga Light is the frame for positioning system. It is made in alloy of satin aluminium to guarantee lightness and durability. The Adacta Liga Light frame, thanks to its modularity. presents a variety of configurations able to follow the pathological evolution of the user, the growth and consequential postural adjustments. Adacta Liga Light can be set to the user's needs by acting on:

  • The displacement of the upper frame(which houses the positioning system) with respet to the under frame
  • The displacement of the rear wheels in order to guarantee the safety conditions (as reported in the Instruction Manual)
  • Adjustement of the seat depth
  • Adjustement of seat to floor height (high/low).




    Rigid o Foldable

  • Adacta Liga Light positioning frame rigid or folding
  • Continuous tilt in space by gas spring adult sizes from 4° up to 30° e paediatric sizes from 2° up to 30°
  • Tilt in space drive lever
  • Mechanical reclining (3°-9°-15-22°)
  • Parking brakes
  • Folding down back posts
  • Adjustement of the seat depth
  • Plate for seat height adjustements: high (49 cm. from the floor) or low (43 cm. from the floor)
  • Displacement of the upper frame with respect to the under frame
  • Continuous displacement of the rear wheels plates
  • Anti-tip System
  • Footplates
  • Calf strap with velcro
  • Knee angle:
    - Adult sizes: 75° or 90° swing away or detachable
    - Paediatric sizes: 75° or 90° detachable
  • Casters:
  • - 150mm poly
    - 175mm poly (not suggested with 600mm posteriorw wheels)
  • Posterior Wheels:
  • - 300mm. or 12" (poly or pneumatic - or pneumatic with drum brake)
    - 500mm. or 20" (pnematic without handrim or pneumatic with drum brake)
  • Brakes available:
  • - Drum brakes
    - Parking brakes + drum brakes
  • Knee angle:
  • - Adult sizes swing away and detachable: elevating - vertically elevating and telescopic
    - Paediatric sizes detachable: elevating
  • Footrest:
  • - Footboard
    - Slotted only on footplates
  • Quick release pin for easy reclining
  • Tilt in space pedal alternatively to the standard (the standard one is highly reccommended)
  • Rigid wooden base
  • Height adjustable flip back armrest
  • Kit of ABS laterals height adjustable w/armrest
  • Kit of ABS laterals multi-adjustable, detachable and w/multi-adjustable arm support
  • Kit of hardware multi-adjustable, detachable without ABS laterals and without arm support
  • Backpost:
    - Push handle height adjustable by pin
    - Telescopic push handle kit
  • - Multi-adjustable handle bar (for rigid frame)
    - Adjustable push handle for folding frame (for paediatric sizes only)
  • Versa hip guides
  • Versa arm supports
  • Calf support (single and divided)
  • Padded calf strap
  • Versa Fixatis pelvic belt
  • Trays
  • Vehicle trasportation kit (only with 300 mm. and 500 mm. rear wheels)
  • Pedal for barriers
  • Anti-tip system detachable



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