Versa Titti

Titti is an integrated positioning system completely modular designed for children and Teenagers. It features the integration of Adacta Liga frame with Versa Inserto positioning system by providing the best performances to the user. Titti allows you to choose and adapt the positioning system to the needs of its user trough the choice of the most suitable cushion. Several are the accessories and the options to add to the standard configuration. It is easy to use and extremely lightweight during the transfers facilitating parents and caregivers operations. It is available in three sizes and for its modularity it is adjustable to the growth and needs of the children for very long time.






  • Adacta Liga Light tilt in space positioning frame rigid or folding
  • Multi-adjustable detechable footplates with 90° fixed knee angle
  • Modular Pelvis positioning system INSERTO SEAT BASICO
  • Modular Trunk positioning system INSERTO BACK EFFECTO LATO
  • Hip guide
  • Padded arm supports
  • Versa Capitis Confort headrest
  • VERSA FIXATIS Pelvic belt with 2 attaching points 2 adjustments and lateral squeeze plastic buckle closure
  • Parking brake with lever
  • Reclining mechanism with Plate 3°,9°;15°;22°
  • Anti-tip system
  • Wooden rigid base leather flex covered
  • Continuous tilt in space from 4° up to 30° with gas spring
  • Casters:
    - 150mm poly
    - 175 mm poly(not suggested with 600mm. posterior wheels.)
  • Posterior Wheels:
    - 300mm. or 12” (poly or pneumatic – or pneumatic with drum brake)
    - 500mm. or 20” (pneumatic without handrim or pneumatic with drum brake)
    - 600mm. or 24” (pneumatic. Not suggested on size US. If chosen the tilt in space reduces to 20° with seat height at 47cm.)
  • Knee angle 75° or elevating
  • Push handles height adjustable by pin
  • Telescopic push handles kit
  • Adjustable push handle
  • ABS Laterals w/arm support
  • Modular pelvic positioning system Inserto Seat MEDIANO or DOMINO (BASICO is the standard features)
  • Modular trunk positioning system Inserto Back SUPPORTO (EFFECTO LATO is the standard features)
  • Versa Fixatis Dynamic Butterfly harness
  • Versa Tray
  • Calf supports swing-away
  • Abduction Block removable
  • Padded Calf strap
  • Vehicle transportation kit (available only with 300mm. and 500mm. posterior wheels)
  • Thoracic supports for Inserto EFFECTO LATO BACK and SUPPORTO BACK
  • Pedal for barriers

  • The range of accessories enables to configure the system according to the user's needs.

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