– National Training Event del Posture Mobility Group (PMG) - University of the West of England – BRISTOL (UK)

The Prize that honors and gratifies us

During the prestigious British event (PMG – Posture Mobility Group) Pro Medicare, besides the big applause received for the postural solutions, has been awarded for the best Paper from an audience composed by over then 350 people among the most important clinicians, university students, researchers and operators of the British rehabilitation department.nb

The Prize was awarded by basing upon the following parameters: :

  1. Clarity of aims/ objectives and rationale for the study, investigation or project
  2. Quality of methodology, process or technique used to obtain results or change in practice
  3. Clarity of results/outcomes, analysis thereof, and conclusions drawn
  4. Contribution to scientific/ clinical/ technical/ service delivery knowledge, in the field of posture and mobility
  5. New Knowledge
  6. Value to Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The unexpected prize, honors , gratifies and rewards Pro Medicare for the constant research it is involved since the beginning of its activity and for being close to patients needs in collaboration with the Professional Clinical/Operators.

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