Promedicare protocol

Promedicare has always paid particular attention not only to the postural evaluation and positioning system, but also to the whole procedure which goes from the analysis of the patient’s needs to the post-delivery monitoring; all this in order to achieve the target useful to the patient.

The method, as a result of this careful procedure, is the PROMEDICARE PROTOCOL. The careful analysis of the patient leads to the detection of all causes impeding the recover of the residual abilities. The restrictions of the body structure influences the functions which on turn influence the social participation, the quality of the life and increase the care burden.


  • Knowledge of the patient (the pathology, his history, his lifestyle, his needs );
  • Knowledge of family/caregivers (their needs , their lifestyle, their barriers/fears);
  • Knowledge of patient’s rehabilitation project


  • Careful analysis of the patient sitting on the system/device is use in order to evaluate advantages/disadvantages aimed to understand the interaction space/patient.
  • Articular evaluation of the patient (sight and touch) in supine/prone/seated position and consequential analysis of the emotional reactions to the mobility of body segments.
  • Detection of patient body measurements in supine and sitting positions.
  • Positioning trials and simulation of the postural system.


  • Choosing the type of positioning system, materials, upholstery and accessories.
  • Choice of supporting frame, the movement in space and its adaptability to daily needs.


  • Delivery with assessment to patient, instruction operative manual and information about the adjustments, warranty, maintenance.


  • Follow up post-delivery, (15 days after the delivery, then monthly or bimonthly): Monitor of the use, detection or solution of problems and benefits for the patient and relatives/caregivers consequently the use of the system; re-assessment of the system and its accessories to the new body situation.

The ADACTA VERSA positioning system customized on patient needs , combined with the method proposed by PROMEDICARE PROTOCOL, induces changes in body structure (changes in body loads, joints limitations) and communication skills, etc…..which impact on social participation, on caregiver burden and on the QUALITY OF LIFE.

The benefits of Promedicare Protocol and Adacta/Versa positioning system have been object of the research conducted in collaboration with “VILLA BERETTA Rehabilitation Center, Unity of VALDUCE HOSPITAL – Costa Masnaga (LC) ITALY. The results of the research have been argument of the scientific lecture at the European Seating Symposium in Dublin (Ireland) in year 2009 whose acts have been published therein. It is also available a publication by Promedicare.

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