Customised project

The customised project ...

…is the machine designed to balance body and gravitational loads, to enable the support, compensation to the deformities in order to allow the achievement of an harmonious, homogeneous and relaxed surface of support, a comfortable and safe sitting position.

In patient suffering from Central Nervous System damages, the alteration of the posture is very frequent and badly affect a useful and functional sitting position. Several are the deformities which very often are together combined causing pain and pressure sores. The design of a Positioning System for these people requires the application of different disciplines such as Biomechanics, Anatomy, Ergonomics, Mechanics, Science of the Material, and should consider different factors:

  • Unique and individual needs
  • Tangible physical space (force of gravity)
  • Intangible physical space (environment)
  • Time (pathology evolution)
  • Time (morphology and body structure evolutions)
  • Human machine (cinematic, kinetic, sensorial and perceptive system)
  • Patient as individual
  • Individual need
  • Customised Project

ProMedicare Protocol

Promedicare has always paid particular attention not only to the postural evaluation and positioning system, but also to the whole procedure.

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Evaluation Instrument

The realization of a positioning system can be of efficacy only when it comes from a correct evaluation of the patient. The evaluation of the positioning system should be

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Versa-Adacta Solution

The modular customised positioning system comes from the combination of the positioning frames of the Adacta Range and the Versa Range positioning systems. Main feature of the whole system

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