The research has always been one of the primary Promedicare activities, for which the Company has always distinguished itself among the panorama of the Italian and European Companies. The positioning is an integral part of the rehabilitative and therapeutic plan. The project of the positioning system is a very complex activity which requires a multi-professional and multidisciplinary approach. Among the primary researches conducted an important role was covered by those connected to the understanding of the relation between man / force of gravity and balance, anatomy / skeletal system and balance towards pressure and activation of the muscle-skeletal system and related functions, such as respiratory activity, postural control / stability and perception in all those patients with movement disorders (dystonia), particular functions of the postural containment system in relation to the different pathologies.

For the value of the solutions developed for what above and the several other researches carried out, Promedicare has produced numerous works in the most prestigious National and International Scientific Conferences, including the European Seating Symposium in Dublin (Ireland) and the International Seating Symposium in Vancouver (Canada). The operative model for the integration of clinical-experimental and industrial research, adopted in order to develop positioning solutions customised to the patient’s needs in relation to his pathology and its evolutions, his environment, his caregivers, led the Company to carry out a method and to use a path useful to the validation of the solutions developed able to follow the patient during the use of the postural system.

Promedicare welcomes and select research inputs from Rehabilitation Centers, users, university students, University Institutes. Are you an University students? Would you like to draw up in Promedicare your university thesis or un internship? Send us your request.

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Curriculum of the researches and the innovations


Study of the posture and the positioning needs of non-ambulatory patients

Development, experimentation, industrialization, production of Adacta/Versa positioning system. This system was produce upon the specifications and needs of the individual user, by following him during his pathological and structure evolutions for many years, thanks to the its customisation characteristic and modularity.


Postural analysis in patients affected by ambulatory pathologies.

Identification of tilting specifications and procedures for the construction of a lateral tilt in space.


Study of the dystonia: realization of a dynamic positioning system prototype

Development, experimentation, industrialization, production of Adacta Klim (Registered Design): positioning system featuring shock-absorbing mechanism and materials for patients affected by extensor tone.


Instrumental analysis of clinical effectiveness Adacta/Versa system

Validation of method and development of an objectifying path as defined in Promedicare Protocol.


Sacral orientation and associated structural and functional relationships of the legs-pelvis-rachis system

Development, experimentation, industrialization production of the modular positioning system Inserto (International Patent Pending e Registered Design)


Posture, functions and needs of the child

Development of a positioning system based upon the Inserto technology for childhood and adolescence.